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International Transfers

International Transfers is a low-cost foreign exchange solution for our members to transfer money internationally through online banking, 24/7.  International Transfers is protected by AES 256-bit encryption, integrated automated identity verification and anti-money laundering procedures, all to insure your money travels with advanced security.

Member Benefits:

  • Online transfers never close - you can make transfers 24/7.
  • Your money travels with 256-bit encryption through a FINTRAC regulated entity.
  • A guaranteed transfer amount - what is sent, is what's received.  No deductions ever.
  • Access the latest rates with live pricing.
  • Generally, the International Transfer is delivered by the next day in North America, otherwise it is normally less than two business days.
  • Transfer cost to the Member in Canadian Dollars (CAD) - $0.00 for transfers above $500.00 and $2.50 per transfer otherwise.
  • Minimum transfer amount is $10.00 Canadian (CAD).

To take advantage of this new feature, log into your online banking and click on "Transfers".  Next, click on International Transfers and follow the instructions to either set it up for the first time or to send a transaction.  When setting up International Transfers for the first time, you will be required to upload your ID, so it is recommended to have it accessable at the time of set-up.

*When using International Transfer to the United States through the SCECU Mobile Banking App or Online Banking, the international transfer requires some additional information. You will need the ACH number of the United States Bank. This number can be found on the bottom left hand corner of a USD cheque that is issued from the United States Bank. If you do not have a USD cheque, you will need to get this information from the United States bank that the funds are being deposited to, to complete the transfer.*

If you require additional information, please contact our Branch by email at or by calling 306-975-3280 during regular business hours.


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