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Invest worry-free with a term deposit.

A Term Deposit (also known as a Guaranteed Investment Certificate, or GIC) gives you a competitive return and the flexibility to access your money after the term is over. It’s a win-win.​

  • Redeemable after 35 days
  • Minimum deposit/withdrawal of $500.00
  • Use in a term deposit or TFSA
  • Benefit from Credit Union Deposit Insurance
  • Variable and yearly lock in rates available
  • Benefit from Credit Union Deposit Insurance

Term Deposits are 100% Guarenteed

Our term investment options are suitable for a variety of people and situations. They offer a safe and secure way to help you save money while ensuring steady interest growth. Plus your deposits are 100% guaranteed by the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation™!

Whether you are looking to save for your next vacation, or want to save up a down payment for your dream house, we have the perfect investment option for your needs.

We offer an Annual Term Sale every October. This investment offers a high interest rate and is cashable anytime with no penalty on the interest gained.

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October Term Sale

A chance to invest in our best rates!

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  • ​Take advantage of our best rates during the month of October
  • Use in registered and non-registered accounts
  • Exclusive rates and bonuses to our membership
  • Benefit from Credit Union Deposit Insurance 


​Take a look at our latest and greatest term deposit rates.

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​​Whether you're investing for retirement, a mortgage down payment or an education fund, our expert investment team will tailor their advice to help.


​​Our handy Savings Calculator will help you estimate how your investments will grow over time.