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​​Governance and Leadership

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Board of Directors

The Saskatoon City Employees Credit Union Board of Directors is made up of 9 experienced directors, each serving a three-year term. Directors can serve up to four consecutive terms if re-elected by you.

Allen Beck


Retired (Fire & Protective Services)

Term: 2006-2021

Marian Voth


Director of Payroll & Benefits Accounting with SIGA

Term: 2017-2023

Don Davison

2nd Vice-Chair

Retired (Commercial Evaluations Assessment Manager COS)

Term: 2019-2022

Shahzada Azam

Board Member

Director of Finance, Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation

Term: 2014-2023

Martin Irwin

Board Member

Retired ( Provincial Court Judge)

Term: 2016-2021

Les Smith

Board Member

Retired (Assessment Services)

Term: 2020-2023

Bill Davern

Board Member

Retired (Solictor City of Saskatoon)

Term: 2015-2022

Romuald Lagace

Board Member

Retired (Infrastructure Services)

Term: 2020-2023

Stan Macala

Board Member

President of CUPE Local 59

Term: 2012-2021

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Board Member

The Bylaws of the Saskatoon City Employees Credit Union state that the minimum number of directors shall be five (5) and, subject to the Articles, the maximum shall be twelve (12). Members will elect nine (9) Directors.