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Protect Your Money

SCECU wants our Members to be protected from fraud. Fraudsters are always looking for ways to get money from unsuspecting people.  SCECU's goal is to protect our Members from falling victim to any of these fraud attempts. 

These links can provide you with helpful information on how to keep yourself protected from fraud. Try out the quizzes to test your awareness.

Fraud Quizzes

Competition Bureau Fraud Quiz

Protect Seniors Online Quiz

Canadian Anti Fraud Centre

Learn how to recognize, report, and stop fraud.

Competition Bureau Canada

Learn more about the current scams circulating within Canada.

Government of Canada

Resources to help our members become more cyber safe.

Cyber Safe Check-up

Canadian Securities Administrators Avoiding Fraud

Avoiding fraud tips

E-transfer Auto Deposit Fraud: What you need to know

PPJV E-transfer Auto Deposit Fraud


Find information about how to protect your PIN and other card fraud security information.

Interac e-Transfer

An important way to protect money coming to you, through Interac e-Transfers, is to set up a feature called Autodeposit.  Once the Autodeposit feature has been set up, money being sent to you will automatically be deposited into your Credit Union account.  There are no security questions to answer anymore, saving you time and the stress of trying to guess the answer to the security question before being locked out after three tries!  The Autodeposit feature protects your incoming Interac e-Transfer money even if your email account has been compromised.  To find out how to enable this feature, please follow the instructions listed in the Autodeposit fact sheet by clicking on the link below.

Autodeposit Fact Sheet

Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Learn what consumers can do to protect their privacy at home, online and in the workplace.

Mobile Device Security 

Mobile technology is an essential part of credit union business, with more and more members accessing credit union services primarily on smartphones and tablets. Learn how to keep your mobile devices secure.

Mobile Device Security


Access fraud and scam information.

Check out these great videos on how to protect your privacy and how not to become a victim of fraud: