Starting Jan 18, 2022, SCECU will be implementing a new feature to provide a more enhanced and safer online and mobile banking experience.  To further protect your financial data, 2-Step Verification will replace the previous “Challenge Questions” when high-risk activities are identified like logging in from a new device. 

Challenge Questions have long been the industry standard for Increased Authentication.  But, over time, they have become less effective as fraudsters often know how to find answers to them. 

Challenge Questions can actually be a challenge to remember, resulting in locked accounts and our members having to call into the Branch to unlock the account.  2-Step Verification lets you choose the secure channel (SMS or email) that works best for you each time you need to authenticate.  Then it sends you a one-time verification code that you don’t have to remember long-term.

If you have any questions, please call us at 3069753280 and our staff would be happy to assist you!