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If you're planning to update your aging equipment, expand your facilities or even start a new venture, a business loan can help. Our business banking team will help you get access to the capital your business needs to grow.

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  • Consolidate your debts
  • Vehicle purchases
  • Investments and RRSP top up

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  • ​Flexible payment schedule - Options for weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly payment schedule.
  • Personalized support - Our team of lending experts will help you find the best financing solution and payment plan for your business needs.
  • ​​Fixed or variable rate options - Your loan, your choice!
  • Repay your way - Flexible repayment options means you can pay early without penalty. 

Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) Loan Application Now Available:

Thank-you for your continued support of Saskatoon City Employees Credit Union and your patience with us as we work to bring you access to the government CEBA Program. In our previous conversation(s) with you, you had expressed an interest in obtaining the $40,000 loan guaranteed by the federal government. We have worked with our Credit Union partners and Concentra Bank to provide you our valued member access to this important program.We are pleased to inform you that Saskatoon City Employees Credit Union has been approved (through Concentra Bank) and is now in a position to receive your application for the CEBA Program.Please click on the attached URL link and simply follow the instructions to complete your application. Please be sure that Saskatoon City Employees Credit Union logo is in the top left hand corner of the application and forms.To assist you in completing your application please have ready your CRA Business Payroll Number( 15 digits) and your 2019 T4 Summary of Remuneration Paid (T4SUM) – Box 14.

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